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Why Should You Prefer Ruby On Rails For Web Development?

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Since the introduction of the Ruby on Rails, this framework has been able to make its impact all around the world with complete success. Now these days, most of the web development is being done using the ROR framework. And with the passage of further time, we would be able to see it becoming popular even more.


Most of the well-known functional and effective apps have been build using the ROR framework. The demand of the ruby on rails is really high because of the ease which it provides regarding the easy development and lush functionality of the website.

Web Development and Ruby On Rails Dubai

We will discuss some of the most popular sites from all around the world which have been build using ROR framework. So you would come to know why actually you should hire ruby on rails Dubai for the development of your website in this framework.


Everyone around the world is familiar with Twitter these days, it’s not an unfamiliar website for most of us. This site was originally built in 2006 using ruby programming.

Base Camp:

Base camp is another website which is really popular and it has also been built using the ROR framework.

Yellow Pages:

This website is the biggest website being run by IT&T. Without any doubt, this is the most famous and well-known business and telephone directory being used by businesses and people all around the world.


You can watch different TV shows on HULU. This is one of the most popular TV streaming website which was founded in 2007. This has also been built using same framework called ruby on rails.


Slideshare is another really common and popular website that has been built by using this framework. This site was built in 2006 and you know what? This site hit 3 Million unique visitors in only one year.


The developers favorite social account GitHub is also build with this framework. This website has 9 Million users and without any doubt that’s really popular and common website being visited by thousands of users on daily basis.


When we talk about web development it is something which keeps on innovating with the passage of time to bring ease and comfort for the developers and improve the features and functionality for the users.

Thus, the development firm for website in Dubai also provides you professional web development services using PHP, JAVA, dotNet, and the ruby on rails framework for web applications.

You have observed that all the well-known sites from around the world are using this framework. That’s because, it improves the functionality and response of any website a great deal.

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