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Time To Look At The Art Of Web Designing From Totally Different Angles

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The fuss about trends in web design is always live. Some trends will come and go while there are still going to be some that will stay. The key here is to understand the various roles that are played by them.

It could be waning fads or milestones for creative industries as the way you look at trends, no matter what it is; you are at the right place to learn about some of the fascinating trends that will dominate during 2018.

Don’t be personal, think global:

When operating in dynamic markets like those in the UAE, you will need to seek the assistance of a professional web designing company in Dubai. Professional associated with a reliable web design company here are highly creative. Creativity is a flow while creation can be classified as the process where inspiration is born.

You will observe when you think deep that there's global steam of creativity. Some trends will push us in the ‘WOW' zones today; however, when you look at them after a year or so, they will be passé.

In this regard, web designing trends are in actuality the markings based on a made-up setting that is known for the thriving imaginative instability plus it churns at the moment.

Peeling further for an in-depth overview of design trends during 2018:

So, here we are. Again ready to forecast the stream that will dominate in 2018 as far as the web designing niche is concerned. Coming up with such predictions was never too comfortable as experts associated with reliable brands had to rack their brains.

Trust me; it's worthwhile. So, let's peel things further and see what's hidden out there in the future that is going to get bigger on us during 2018:

The broken grid layouts:

Clarity, responsiveness and logical structure come with a grid. It has been established like this without question since web 2.0. The invisible lines of a grid are ubiquitous, offering a site with much-needed harmony and organisation. Designers are enabled to come up with digital space in a highly structured manner.

But, 2018 may come up with ways that may force us to question the application of a grid. Trends may demand us to challenge it. It may help us in coming up with unique chunks of the chaos of business. As a result, new horizons may be achieved by those who are known as expert designers.

It will all depend on how well prepared you are to digest such information. To break a grid, one would need to an expert designer. It could be someone who knows the grid comprehensively, someone who can break it playfully plus with a striking aim in mind. If you are confident that you have got all that's been stated above, you are in. Let's have a look at the different ways in which you can break a grid for the betterment of your website:

Layer it:

For the sake of unity, layered designs may be used to break the grid. Our minds see the factors that cross planes plus overlap those that belong together. Put the idea of a text and the image aside; trends are going to favour the unified text-image cluster. The said cluster is complete and more striking than its parts.

On the other hand, fancying chances by layering elements will need cautious approach from you. One must double check to ensure if things are distinguishable by testing them on different screen resolutions. This can be best practised and observed when working on ‘big words' that will be treated as captions. Moreover, it will help in killing the unwanted paragraphs.

Flirt with details:

It can be classified as grid breaking just for the sake of breaking; this is the ‘in thing' for artistic seekers. However, many entrepreneurs want professionals to design their website by focusing further on the down-to-earth approach these days. One can go off the grid and opt for a sturdy detail if something like lead generation, sales and conversion ring the bell to him/her. This, of course, shall be done by sticking to the happy medium.


Here’s the secret recipe! One may initiate the proceedings with a very common grid layout. Focus on the detail that one wants to emphasise. Is it a CTA, a dazzling background or a caption?

Flirt with it, shift it horizontally, vertically or even tilt it, and if not then embellish it using an offset container. You will ultimately come up with a creative piece of art that will serve its cause efficiently and catch the attention of a much more significant audience. Told you, flirting is not always bad, is it?

  • Imagine you break it:

Why not masquerade the grid and utilise it as a primary make-up? The layouts you get in return will be classified as broken grids; however, they will offer the joy of sticking to the basics that are associated with the visual organisation.

For example, you aim to build an asymmetric bunch of metaphors. You may opt for a small vertical grid to achieve this aim by positioning the metaphors. Pick up an odd number of required elements for improved and strapping impact (3, 5, 7 or even 9). Once you have dealt with this phase, you may flirt with the margins, offsets and alignment a bit further.

I will leave it to you as to how far you want to go when it comes to the breaking of a grid. But, you must bear the following tips in mind while doing so:

  • To start with, you must stay away from the point where your homepage becomes a hodgepodge. You must know the limits as to how far you can go.
  • Avoid going off the grid. Trends associated with graphic design may just influence some portions of your site. Keep the rest within the legit and clear-cut brackets. Don't make it a stretchy job for user's mind to cope with.
  • Stay on top of the broken grids, i.e. avoid letting things go out of your hand. You will come across this frequently occurring mistake while going through many responsive designs. Keep the element of responsiveness always above all other design ambitions that you may have.
  • Organic and Oblique Shapes:

During 2017, minimalist and card design layouts were very in. What's more, designers were keener to stick to basics by using strict block organisation and sharp grid angles. When it comes to the breaking of a grid and changing the web design standards by injecting new and unique concepts, experts that are only associated with a reputable web designing company in Dubai only are well prepared and ready to go that all essential extra mile for you. The aim, of course, would be to provide you with organic and oblique shapes by rounding the corners and embracing things to the fullest.

The idea of course by these professionals is to build the personality of your website by adding dynamic space. They embrace spherical shapes that are further organic with an aim to add life to static pages and integrate the elements of a page with one another in the most appealing manner.

Furthermore, organic shapes offer added freedom to their creators. Organic shapes by default are imperfect, asymmetrical and irregular. They are also not uniform; they are unique and may evolve with the passage of time.

Expert designers worked on this ideology and concept and added it to the trends that will dominate throughout 2018.

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