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Things to Ask Your Prospective Web Designer

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A professional web design firm or designer is your business’ marketing partner as the website it designs is integral to achieving your company’s online marketing aims. Whether you are going for a brand new web page or want to redesign an old one, the decision to hire an expert is crucial.

When you go for web design Dubai, you have several options available. And, it becomes an overwhelming task to determine which one to choose. The best approach to hire a web developer is to adopt a comprehensive approach to the hiring process.

A professional guide to web design Dubai

As like recruiting a new employee, you need to conduct a thorough interview and review the performance of the company to make the best choice:

You can ask for a portfolio


A portfolio is the best way to analyze a web designing company. You have to look for multiple things in the company’s portfolio,

  • Do they have aesthetics sense?
  • Are they creative or logical in their orientation?
  • Do they have stable, successfully completed projects on their part?

What services do they provide?

Many of the companies in addition to designing website offer web development, hosting, Ecommerce solutions, copywriting and digital marketing services such as SEO. While all these services are correlated, each of these services needs a specialized skills set.

Thus, you cannot assume that a company that offers a range of services is a good one. While it is desirable to have one entity managing most or all of your digital marketing, but it is most crucial to get solid results.

Will you build a responsive site?

According to a research estimate, more than 50% of all websites are viewed on smart phones. So, website design that works well on smart phones and tablets is the need of the day.

Your target is to increase traffic flow to your site and site responsiveness, i.e. how well it changes to the dimensions of the screen, is one of the features that determine how much people stay on your web page.

Ask for the number of revisions they can do for you

It is entirely possible that when the first draft version of your website comes to you, you don’t like it.

What would you do then? You must be requesting edits or revisions.

The average number of revisions could be two or three.

And after which usually you have to pay for additional edits.

So, make the number of revision rounds clear when you are about to assign the project.

Do you offer additional technological support?


Once your website is officially launched, there could be any technological problem. So, you must ask your prospective service provider that how would it handle if such technical support is needed.

Bottom Line

In this digital era, almost every business in the UAE needs to own a skillfully designed site to make its business accessible to its clients.

With the help of professional team of web designer in Dubai, a business owner can create a welcoming and user-friendly page for their future clients. So that, they can get whatever information they want to acquire.

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