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The Big Bang Of E-Commerce

E-commerce refers to the trading that is done online, meaning any business transaction or shopping. The history of how eCommerce came in to being is very interesting. Tracing it to its earliest origins, it all began in 1960s when the first Electronic Data Interchange system was development. Basically this allowed for data and documents to be transferred electronically; traders could now transfer invoices, orders and other business documents through computers, without any human interaction. Michael Aldrich is the guy who first invented the predecessor to ecommerce as we know today. Going about his weekly grocery shopping, he commented to wife how much easier it would be to buy these things at home and have them delivered. Inspired by his own musings, he set up a TV set at the supermarket with a computer and a telephone, paving the way for the first online business transaction.

Till the 1990’s then, the internet was still being developed and in the 1990’s, the worldwide web was finally developed. This led to the personal and commercial use of the internet. Earlier on there were many reservations about transferring sensitive data online especially once the use of personal computers spiked. The Secure Socket Layer was developed in relation to the security concerns and finally, using this meant it was safe for data to be transferred online. The millennium actually saw the rise and development of eCommerce with Amazon launching its online bookstore in 1995. And why did people prefer Amazon over other bookstores? Because it offered much more than the standard 200,000 titles that the biggest bookstore could offer. Ecommerce development Dubai is now a well-researched industry.

PayPal was launched was in 1998; it is an online bank that allows customers to send, receive and hold funds through online accounts. It operates in 190 markets and uses about 24 currencies worldwide. It now has 100 million functional accounts all over the world. This marked another milestone in global eCommerce. The rest we all know. Brands started selling their services and products online, establishing this new economy. Consumers flocked to this because of the convenience it offers in a world where we are always hooked to the internet. Ecommerce development Dubai has seen many small scale companies sustain themselves through only online transactions. E-commerce is predicted to only keep growing and changing in the future as the avenues for communication between consumers and businesses have opened up.

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