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Latest Trends In Web Development 2019

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From web apps in the previous year to Chatbots today, the world of the web has been on a development incline ever since its creation. Regardless of the type of business, business websites, web apps, mobile apps, all advanced features have become an essential aspect of businesses and way to increase the audience.

If you’re a business and you’re interested in enhancing your web presence hire experts in web development Dubai to grow your web presence using these trending methods!

We mention below latest trends in web development that startups and small businesses have been using to enhance their online presence:

Latest Trends In Web Development 2019

One page websites​

One page websites usually use one long page to display all information. Scrolling or Links can be used to access different sections. These websites are customized to mold them according to the requirements of the customers.

Probably the most critical aspect of these websites is their simplicity. The absence of intricate web design and complicated navigation provides them with the simplicity that most people would like to see when visiting websites. Since there is an increased demand for mobile-friendly websites, the simple the website the better it looks on the phone.

Static websites

Usually pretty inexpensive to develop, static websites are sites that display static content to the visitors. Not only are these websites pretty secure but they load easily. The appearance of these sites, due to their inexpensive nature is expected in budget saving projects.

Owing to their advanced and more sophisticated nature, the sense of boredom attached to older static sites has weathered giving rise to more interesting, interactive sites that keep visitor hooked.

Photo content

High quality, original photographs, will never lose their importance, not today, and not 20 years later. The inclusion of good quality imagery on sites is an easy way to launch debates about certain aspects within the photo.

Website designers can easily incorporate photos on your website in order to tell a story that the viewers will listen to and want to access your site for.

Dynamic user interface

For the longest time user interfaces have been causes of concern for web developers. A web design which does not allow the user to navigate, and easily search for desired features, is rendered useless, regardless of the budget assigned to it. Moving interfaces allow users to locate the features they've been looking for easily.


Motion in user interfaces not only allows users to view important aspects of the website but it also increases the livelihood of the site, making it attractive for the user.

Website notifications

For mobile applications, notifications have helped change the game. The generation of features that can send direct information to the users, like sports updates and breaking news and promotional sales is seen to be on the rise in the world of the wide web.

The websites use the user’s authentication through their websites to generate messages which tends to enhance customer or viewer engagement and works to provide information which does not require the companies to create separate apps for the organization.

Web Apps​

According to research, in the year 2017, people spent 2 hours and 11 minutes per day using mobile apps. Statistics depict the growing trend of mobile apps and Web apps make use of a number of features that were initially a part of Web Pages having a mobile application interface.

Not only are they able to work offline, are reliable have no load time but they also allow users to receive notifications. Designing web apps takes a shorter time to design compared to mobile apps and tend to work for all users and consumers.


In the vast World of Worldwide Web being connected to users has become an essential aspect for businesses and startups. Chatbots are able to act as representatives of the website and can help with critical tasks such as completing transactions. Directing users to the requested page, and even answering some bask questions.

Take away!

The world of the World Wide Web is HUGE! And using the latest trends mentioned here for web development you can make sure that as a business you have your bases covered when your launch yourselves in the corporate world!

Whether it's a web app or a one-pager website! Hire web development companies Dubai to construct your online presence while the cyber world is trending!

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