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How To Optimize Your Food Blog Site In 5 Easy Steps!

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The number of tourists swarming into UAE, the increasing population and the increase in incomes has pushed the food consumption up, causing it to reach about 59.2 million tons by the year 2025. Owing to the variety of food and the ever increasing number of tourists that visit the area, food blogging has become a popular trend among the residents of the UAE.

Food guides have revolutionized and taken the form of Food blogs and websites to inform consumers about what’s new and trending in the UAE! That’s not all! They also help highlight the places you can get what you’re looking at. So it’s a great way to market your services. You blog for the restaurant, and they pay for the publicity!

However, it’s not as easy as it sounds. To get people to look at your blog site, not only should be attractive and informative but it should always be ranked on the first page of search engines otherwise its gone forever! SEO service companies Dubai offer comprehensive support that can keep your food blog on the first page and keep you famous and alive on the World Wide Web.

5 Easy Steps for Food Blog Optimization

Food Blog Optimization

Here’s how you can optimize your food blog in five easy peasy steps!

1) Use good quality and relevant images

Food photography is an art itself, and to make a mark on your blog audience; you need to post images that are breathtakingly beautiful, original and high quality. Make sure, the keyword is included in the name that you give this image and also in the description of the photo.

2) Use references

The content in your blog that’s been taken from other sites should be well referenced. This is the basic blogging etiquette; it goes both ways when it comes to referencing. You never know you may get a link back from the sources you mentioned.

3) Allow users to subscribe

Whether it's to newsletters or any new content on your website, allow users to subscribe to the latest content that you add to the website. Use RSS feed or subscription buttons to allow readers to subscribe to your content.

This way your readers remain up to date about your content without having to visit your site again and again.

4) Broaden reach using social media profiles

Small businesses often use social to increase widen their customer base and to reach out to more people. Social media sites can be used to create a connection with current and potential customers.

Promotion of blog's web content on social media platforms is also a way to enhance web exposure. Social media platforms now schedule posts which can allow you to schedule posts beforehand and streamline your publishing tasks!

5) Perform new keyword research and use them

The use of essential and long tail keywords for your food blog optimization is important. The absence of keywords in your content makes your content similar to letters that get lost in the mail. Various tools exist that allow users to determine the top ranking keywords over the internet, which can be used in your content to increase the number of hits that your site gets.

Once you’ve determined which keywords are getting greater hits, you need to use the relevant ones in your blogs to make sure your blog is hit every time the users search for their queries using the keywords.

If you’re starting new and you’re still unsure about hiring SEO services for your startup, read why entrepreneurs should invest in SEO services? To know why it’s an investment you’d never regret making!

Take away

The use of the tips mentioned above and can not only help achieve high rankings in search engines, but it can also expand the customer base and help achieve greater conversion rates of customers. Bloggers are often too busy traveling, and taking pictures to keep their sites up to date and may find it hard to balance all their work.

Opt for SEO services company to achieve high rankings on search engines and maintain them by updating your website frequently and performing other functions that keep it on the first page on the web search engines.

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