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How to Avoid Common Mistakes of Web Designing?

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Current times demand a website for every company irrespective of the fact what business they are running. The website can be for e-commerce, lead generation or it may be for general branding and info. The business may not support the business that well if there are any flaws in it.

Web Design Mistakes presented by Web Design Company in Dubai

Let’s discuss some of the most seen mistakes the development of the websites that don’t attract the visitors and don’t let them visit again. The suggestion or solutions are also given for the improvement of the overall site.

Slow loading pages:-

According to New York Times site visitors merely wait 0.5 seconds for the page to be loaded and leave if it doesn’t open in this time.

Another finding by The Nielsen Norman Group shows that people normally spend about 20 seconds on a page at max and leave unless the content is grabbing.

Professional web designing companies in Dubai emphasize on grabbing and concise content and the usage of videos only when it is necessary.

Slow loading pages  have less chance of ranking in search engine pages


This shows that the time taken for pages to load must be shortened and attractive content must be used to present the ideas in a precise manner. The home page must be free from all the unnecessary and un-optimized images, Gifs, and auto-play videos that increase the loading time.

Big slabs of text must be removed as visitors are looking for concise info. Things that must be focused on include an attractive logo, clear graphics, uncomplicated and short texts to explain the business and most importantly navigation menu must be extremely easy for the homepage.

Targeted audience:-

Lots of developers don’t keep in mind the targeted audience for whom the site is being developed and this flops the whole site.

Targeted audience for website


Sites must be created by keeping in mind the targeted audience, their education, age, interests, and purpose for which they visit the site. For e.g. any business that caters to children must use fonts, color combinations, content and graphics that attract the teens and kids.

Those projects whose clients are mostly millennials, young parents and busy professionals must ensure that they optimize websites for mobile as this age group is mostly on the move and prefer to do all transactions, gather info and shopping etc. on their phones.

Unorganized pages:-

Access of all the helping material like graphics, colors, navigation menu that confuses and big slabs of text are the main mistakes in the site development. The cluttering of all these things in access makes it difficult and confusing for the visitor to reach his/her desired information.

According to web design experts this damages the credibility and visitors may not come back again. According to Forbes, elements that include busy layouts, obnoxious ads and pages that were loaded with text were the top factors that prevented the visitors to visit again.

Organized pages gain more exposure on the web


The best solution according to these problems is that all those distracting elements must be removed to secure the visitor as they are always in the look out of easily accessible information.

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