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How Can You Employ Your Web Design To Boost Sales?

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A question often comes in your mind that why a professionally designed website is essential to your business in the UAE. And a likely answer could be that it drives your sales.

As the saying goes right here:

“You can have all the traffic in the world, but if your website can’t convert that traffic, then you have a crap website.”

The primary function associated with your online business site is to boost sales. So, sales are essential for business productivity, without which there is no point in running your company.

Expert web designing companies in Dubai provides your website design with all the necessary ingredients that are essential to boosting sales. It will make your business look amazing in the eyes of the clients.

Boost Your Sales by Employing Professional Web Design

Here are some of the design hacks that guarantee your sales and conversion rates:

1) Apply Hick’s Law in Web Design

A popular theory given forward by a British psychologist William Edmund Hick is commonly referred to website designing. It states that the period taken by an individual to decide upon is directly correlated to the potential options he has.

Apply Hick’s Law in Web Design Dubai

Simply put, when numbers of choices are more, the time is taken for decision making also increases.

For this, you need to reduce distractions on your website homepage, without compromising the functionality of the site.

You must install a full-screen welcome gate on your web page. It covers your full screen, thus providing only one option at first. And, if they want to avail more choices they have to scroll down further.

Generally, Hick’s Law application to your homepage design calls for the insight to know which thing is more important for your business.

For instance, do you want to offer your clients a choice to subscribe to your daily feed or is it more critical for you to provide an option to your customers to put a product in their shopping cart?

Each page on the website must pursue one main aim.

Website design agencies ably restrict your customer’s options; thus it becomes easier for them to make choices. Thus your conversions will boost.

2) Pick clear and readable headlines

A research study reveals the fact that about 55% of your site audience spends less than 15 seconds on your webpage. So you must ensure that you have bold, bright and catchy headlines to appeal to the reader in his first glance.

Your conversions will skyrocket, once you employ bold fonts and depict a compelling image with your words in the face of your audience.

3) Don’t test your audience’s patience

Online site visitors are incredibly impatient. According to an analysis by the Aberdeen Group, only a second’s delay in your webpage loading is likely to reduce your conversions to 7 per cent.

Thus, even a second counts when we talk about web page loading time. So, a fast loading site is likely to make your visitors stay thus increasing purchases.


Thanks to technology and media, online entrepreneurship in Dubai became reasonably simple. On the other hand, because of an increasingly competitive online environment, making a profit is not always straightforward.

There are even minute details which count. Because you need to cater to your client’s expectations, you must seek professionals’ advice while choosing a design for your homepage.

Professional website designing companies in Dubai takes into account your client’s needs and wants to provide a reason to the visitors to stay on your page and make purchases. This will boost your sales in particular and business productivity in general.

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