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Core Elements in Website Design And Development!

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Content is King, you may have heard a lot about this statement. There is absolutely no doubt about the significance associated with content. Each website is unique in nature, i.e. it may be a social blog, a polling website, a shopping cart or even a website that provides information about latest trends in technology.

It is therefore, highly critical to ensure that the content added to a website fall well within the relevancy brackets and adheres to the niche that a particular website may be aiming at. In complex and highly competitive markets like UAE, website owners ensure that they are backed with a reliable and experienced web development Dubai based agency.

Content Alignment:

Once the content has been finalized in the form of text, images, videos, CSS and JS scripts that will be added to a website, professional team of developers will ensure that it is aligned to perfection.

Website Design And Web Development Dubai

What do we mean by alignment here?

The idea is to add relevant content and at times the content may be in the form of images. Once the images have been finalized, things may be further polished and they may be minified using elite approaches and techniques.

This is to ensure that Dubai website design irrespective of its size is minified and fully optimized for web. This approach in the longer run will enable the digital marketing team to promote things accordingly.

Major search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex and Yahoo appreciate and prefer sites that are backed with these features.

A website that is highly overcrowded in nature and holds images and scripts that are not optimized and minified for web may not perform as efficiently as they should. This factor may dent their ranking on SERPs and the digital marketing team may find it hard to optimize the core keywords allocated to such websites.


Minifying is one domain that is normally overlooked by inexperienced developers, there are other core areas like URL rewriting for SEO friendly website URLs, Alt tags, Headers, Page Titles, simply navigation and relevant content that fits well in line with the nature of one’s business and its website.


All these, if well taken care of will never cause stoppages and delays and will make it easy for the website to perform and function properly in the desired passion. Failing to focus on them and applying a neglected and casual approach may make things blurry as far as achievement of the set targets is concerned.

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